Camacho Triple Maduro Torpedo Cigar… the Tommy Zman Experience

Origin : Honduras . Body : Full out Knock your balls off
Shape : Torpedo . Size : 6 x 54 . Strength : Hell Yeah
Wrapper : Honduras Maduro
Filler : Honduras Maduro
Binder : Honduras Maduro

The Camacho Triple Maduro is a deep, dark, son of a bitch of a cigar, and saying that it’s not for the faint of heart is one hell of an understatement. While fans of bold, full bodied, strong-ass smokes will rejoice in song and praise, newbies and fans of light shade Connecticut are warned to stay clear as this burly stick will grow hair in places you’re not accustomed to having it.

This ebony beast is the brainchild of Camacho’s Presidente, Christian Eiroa, one of the young-gun, rock stars of cigar manufacturing. When he and I met about my Winter, 2010 Cigar Magazine article, Masters of the Blend, he discussed how difficult it was to make this cigar. “I knew the blend I wanted and I had no doubt it would be a winner. But knowing what you want and making it actually work can be two very different things. It took many months of trial and error – the maduro leaves are thick and getting air to pass through properly was incredibly painstaking – but definitely worth the effort in the long run.”

This puro is a quality stick in every sense of the word, from the perfectly aged tobacco, to the trademark Camacho draw, to the slow and subtle burn. Upon lighting, those first few puffs are intense and filled with powerful woody flavors, strong espresso – and I also got a lingering taste that was very reminiscent of Sambuca. It’s not often that right out of the gate a cigar sucker punches you in the taste buds, but the CTM was bred to kick some ash and take no prisoners. About a third the way through, its complexity shows as the flavors start to mellow a tad and round out very nicely.

Smoke billows upon every puff, but you need to take it nice and slow, because if you finish this big cat too quickly, I guarantee the room will start spinning all on its own and you might even see Jesus in technicolor. What I found really wild, was that when I got down to the final third, the intensity in flavor picked up once again, as did the overall strength. It had full notes of leather and black licorice, with a finish longer than a Ken Burns mini series.

Would I Recommend This Cigar? Hell, yes – to a more experienced smoker. But I wouldn’t call it an everyday smoke… 1. because of its intensely bold character and richness, and, 2. at $13 to $15 a pop, it’s not what you’d call a bargain smoke, but more of a reward for a life well lived. While I generally drink water only while tasting a cigar, this bad boy would pair well with a stiff pour of single malt scotch, bourbon, a thick stout, a hearty red wine, and even some bitter dark chocolate. The CTM is one hell of a post dinner treat for the palate that is up for a heavy-duty Honduran work out.

Dessert? I doan need no steenkin dessert when I got the Camacho Triple Maduro. Okay, I’m gonna go lay down now. - Z

Note: I don’t use a number system to rate a cigar, as I find them to be arbitrary and often self serving. We all have very different tastes and tolerance for strength in a cigar. My goal is to paint the best picture and put you directly into the experience. So, rock on, my brothers and sisters of the leaf!

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11 Responses to Camacho Triple Maduro Torpedo Cigar… the Tommy Zman Experience

  1. Hoff says:

    for when a double oscuro aint enough

  2. Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

    This cigar can serious knock your balls off clear into the next county. Posers beware…

  3. Denny Hughen says:

    Hard to believe… I mean we did not discuss this… but Z this is my most craved cigar these days! Like all the wonderful Camacho line you turned me on to… it is a complete experience! This one has it all! You know aI like a big stick with plenty of power and punch. It’s all here man but it is so gentle and refined at the same time. But the smoke just pours through the perfect draw… like ALL Camacho products… and it keeps calling me back. I want one right now! I will gladly settle for the great Camacho Torp you left here last summer. It’s time! It’s past time. If you post my second fave next… I’ll know you actually listen! Keep firing bud… seeya around campus! AMF… D

  4. Brian W says:

    I would have never tried the Triple Maduro if it wasn’t for your recommendation Tommy. Thank you. This smoke kicks ass! Camacho does it again!

  5. Darren_in_Detroit says:

    I have never had a bad or “off” Camacho cigar. The quality of their cigars are top-notch.

    As for the 3x Maddie, let me say this — Eat a big dinner before lighting up this bad boy! Its a perfect cigar to relax with after eating a big steak dinner. Pour a few fingers of bourbon or a nice stout beer, fire it up and relax, taking in all the complex, full flavors this cigar offers.

  6. Ty says:

    Smoking this cigar tonight actually. Only if the temperature goes down from 118 degrees to a nice cool 100 degrees. Also if the wind dies down. Try smoking a cigar while putting the blowdryer on full blast towards your face.

  7. allen says:

    I’m an El Rico fan, but if I could afford to smoke the CTM everyday I might switch. But Z, you are ABSOLUTELY right–it’s not for the faint hearts. I smoke em and sip cognac, but burbon might pair better. Good article. Peace and happy smoking.

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  9. Brad says:

    You so nailed it on your review of this one! IMHO…Its hard to find a better cigar to enjoy after a big dinner to mate with a scotch, bourbon or deep red wine of your choice. I recently smoked one paired with a rich Cabernet and it was awesome! And the full stomach helps keep the room from spinning too much with the nicotine hit you be experiencing!! Great review on a great cigar…and a great website! Keep up the good work!!!

  10. Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

    Thanks a ton, Brad, I appreciate the feedback and how you join me each week!