Career Politicians… Stupid Is As Stupid Always Does

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. – Ronald Reagan

This is just a personal opinion, a sort of peeve of mine, if you will… but it is my belief that ALL career politicians are lying, thieving, evil, soulless, moronically corrupt dirtbags. Now I really don’t give a damn what party they are affiliated with – because if living their life as a full time political figure is their vocation, then they are nothing more than filthy, conniving, manipulative viscous scum that lies dormant within the reservoir tip of a used prophylactic…

(Jesus H. Krissmass, Zman, don’t hold hold back, tell us how you really feel.)

I have often wondered what possess a person to become a lifelong politician. I would imagine that most start out with noble intentions, making a difference, changing the world, yada, yada, yada. But somewhere between the yadas, they find out that politics is indeed a dirty business, a place where corruption and avarice are a part of the rules, and once you are in, getting out is never a consideration. The thrill, the power and the glory becomes the drug of choice, while the back room deals, kick backs, and special interest hob-knobbing remains the fix that no junkie can live without.

Okay, you forced it out of me… no more waffling, I admit it… I don’t really care for career politicians a whole lot.

The political climate in Washington, DC is a grandiose clusterf@ck, the kind that no one has ever seen the likes of since the birth of our nation. Partisan politics has never been more of a hindrance as our antiquated two-party system drags us deeper into the muck, as the two sides continue to fight and name call like the self serving brats that they are.

And explain to me this… our political system is filled with supposed scholars and great thinkers who hail from lauded institutions like Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton, yet when they make it to the senate or congress they morph into blithering morons and dumb-asses right before our eyes. They don’t know how to balance a budget and seemingly mismanage everything they attempt to govern. For the first time since 1917 the U.S. government’s credit rating was lowered. The present administration handed Solyndra Corporation 535 million dollars in stimulus money, only to see the solar energy company file for bankruptcy a short time after. Our Social Security system has been pillaged and sodomized to the point of insolvency. And worst of all, our freedoms and personal rights are being stripped away on a daily basis by these people who care more about reelection and personal gain, than the welfare of the people who appointed them in office.

Holy shit, I think I just popped a blood vessel in my skull. I think it’s time for a nice belt of scotch while I fire up a premium hand rolled cigar – but now the FDA is trying to regulate the cigar industry, and if that happens, the passion and past time many of us love will be lowered to the brink of extinction. (Funny how almost all politicians smoke cigars but are no where to be found when defending our right to smoke.)

Okay you guys… before you go all Patrick Swayze Red Dawn on me – picking up some AK 47′s on Craigslist and forming a local militia in your neighborhood (Wolverines!), we have to remember that there are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of them. We the People still have the power to JUST SAY NO. We still have the right to speak up and tell these incompetent jackholes what’s on our minds. In last year’s November elections, incumbent fossils of four and five decades were sent home packing, sending a strong message to the politico world that “We’re not going to take your status quo, tax and spend, pandering to special interest group bull shit any more! If you f@#k up, you’re out. THAT is the only kind of kick in the jimmies that they seem to understand.

And, hey… just for shits n’ giggles, I’ll throw this little thought out for y’all… How about TERM LIMITS, huh?! Nuff said…

All right, break it up, I’m done with the blood bath here, nothing left to see, go home and pour yourself a stiff belt… good God, I’m exhausted after writing this.

So now it’s time to hear YOUR comments. Instead of blaming either of the political parties, (who I’m sure we agree are both responsible for this mess), how about some REAL thoughts about some REAL SOLUTIONS. Whatta ya got for me… let’s here it in the comments section, below!

Til next time, like always, I’m Keepin’ It Real,

Social Cromag at Your Service

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61 Responses to Career Politicians… Stupid Is As Stupid Always Does

  1. Jim Hibbard says:

    Make all these yahoos live by all the laws they pass, including Social Security, and our delightful new health plan. Two term limits, and no pay once you leave Congress. Just a reasonable suggestion.

  2. Chris Darling says:

    Hey Tommy, I gotta agree with Jim above. Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s time to make changes in how our lawmakers act and serve. “We the People…” means less and less every day. It has to stop!


  3. Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

    I certainly agree guys… great posts!

  4. Perry "Redneck Taz" Twisdale says:

    So there IS someone north of the Mason Dixon line that agrees with me on term limits! Have you ever noticed that when you say those words politicians start stuttering like a 16 year old virgin trying to talk his way into his first girlfriend’s underwear? I am a former Ronald Reagan Republican that’s now an Independent and I cannot abide the fact that on either side of the aisle there is NOBODY that I would even remotely consider a “leader”. All I have seen are self-serving elitists that only see the average American man or woman as a commodity or a vote to be manipulated. The Founding Fathers didn’t put term limits on federal elected offices because it was understood that a man would only serve in a political capacity as a public service and not as a full time job. Many early office holders had to leave office after a period of time to return to the running of their business or farm or to their legal practice. Now political office only serves to either facilitate those interests or to ensure the profitability of their respective businesses.

    • joel says:

      in nyc we voted for term limits twice and guess what the politicians overturned it twice so much for “them working for us” we got to eliminate the lifetime pension/health benefits program for these pricks. they do one term benefits for life sweet gig

  5. James Glenn says:

    Occupy your Mind! Stop drinking the mainstream media poison. Do your own research. Seek out alternative sources of information. That idiot-box in the corner of your living room is making you stupid! They’re all the same; CNN, MSNBC, Faux News, The Today Show, whatever. Our country is a mess, and yes, the politicians had a lot to do with it, but who voted them in? That’s right…we did. We watched the tube and fell for their dishonest coverage, then we went to the polls and voted for “the best person for the job”, or so we thought. They no longer report the news, they create it. There’s no such thing as a “no spin zone”, it’s all spin, all the time.
    Faux news would have you think that our country would be better off with Romney, Cain, Gingrich or Perry than we are with Obama. Here’s the truth: They’re all the same! They’re Globalists, who don’t give a damn about U.S. sovereignty. Any one of those traitors would gladly hammer the final nails in the coffin of our once-great republic. If you don’t think attacking Iran would be the start of WW 3, you’d better think again. How many more of our young men and women will we send to shed their blood in some foreign desert, based on lies and benefitting only the military-industrial complex and their global financiers?
    Sorry Z-Man, I may have gotten off topic here, but this is important. I wonder how many people realize that we’re quite possibly going to wind up as a third-world nation. It may sound far-fetched, but look how far we’ve fallen in just the last 20 years, then think about what the next 20 will bring if we don’t make some drastic changes.

    • joel says:

      so what do you propose?

      • James Glenn says:

        Let’s start by electing this guy:

        ‎”Let us give up our longing for welfare, our love of war, and our desire to see the government control and shape our fellow citizens. We must come to imagine liberty again, and believe that it can be a reality. We must recapture what it means to be free.” – Ron Paul

        He’s the only guy running who makes sense and challenges the status-quo.

  6. Danno says:

    Good rant Tommy. Unfortunately, politics has turned into a religion, and the followers are drinking kool-aid.
    It’s funny, cause there is 600 of them, and 300,000,000 of us, and they are laughing at how easily they butt-rape us every day. We really need to clean house. Get rid of all incumbents, wipe the slate clean, and save our asses from
    these decietful pricks.

    • Ben says:

      Politics hasn’t turned into a religion – it has turned religious. “If you don’t agree with me then you don’t love Our Country and You don’t love God”
      Religion has nothing to do with law

  7. Billy Bacon says:

    Yo, Z-man, I could not agree with you more!! These “people”, and I use the term very loosely, will NEVER give up their “supper pensions” or enact term limits, and we all know this is all too true! We, as a people, have to do it. By getting these type of things on a national ballot and vote them in ourselves! A long and arduous task indeed, but it MUST be done!! Thank for getting in on this issue!! You are a good man, no matter who says otherwise!

  8. Padilla Man says:

    You hit this one right on the money Tommy,I agree with term limits.I also think something has got to change in our way of governing this country.Great job Z,keep up the good work!!!!

  9. Charlie Assaf says:

    Tommy, you are so right on about these professional leeches that get elected and hang on for as long as they can! We need term limits and will probably never get them. I do not think the founding Fathers intended Congress to be a career.

  10. Phil Coffman says:

    The silliest waste of our money was giving 2.6 million to China to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibly. I shit your not! Snope it, Fact Check it…its true. This is just outrageous.

    • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

      Wow, Phil, I HATE hearing shit like that…

    • garfiend says:

      i love a drunk chinese prostitute. the dopes will ruin every last thing a real man can enjoy. we should send cuban rum to every chinese prostitue who requests it. i will volunteer to administer just such a program for free.

  11. Jeff Sandlin says:

    After all the Bull Sh.. this past summer everyone in Congress it don’t matter who they are, what party they belong to or even how long they have been there they just ALL NEED TO BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!!! Lets start over and keep starting over until we get someone in there who is not taking payoffs and who is truly their for the people and trying to get this country back on the right track and make it a great respectable country again.

  12. Joe Gibson says:

    “A sign of a man’s intelligence is how much he agrees with you.”
    We must all be geniuses because we all agree on this.

  13. arturo fuente says:

    SREAM NOW!!!!

  14. carlos fuente says:

    hey. gramps, you need to check out lingerie football and chill, dammit.

  15. joel says:

    spot on tommy its like you read my mind i’ve been saying pretty much the same thing for years to anyone who will listen.BTW love the new video on the top of the page

  16. larrynj says:

    maybe a good hit in the sh###er with the johnson bar will help them see the light.

  17. SirFred says:


    Bravo. What makes me insane is the fact that congress is exempt from insider trading rules. Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken and countless others have deservedly served time in jail for insder trading, but Congress gets a pass.

  18. George says:

    I argee what Jim said and your post Tommy right on I like it very much very well said cheers!!!

  19. Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

    You guys are rockin’… keep it coming…

  20. Val says:

    Great Job Tommy !!..You Nailed It.. I Think We’re ALL On The Same Page Here !!.. It’s Time To Take Our Country Back At Whatever Means Necessary !!!

  21. Clivus Multrum, Sr. says:

    Strong, vituperative, fusillade of verbiage fired right into the hearts of these bastards whom we call elected officials. But what do they care? They have been sitting in their political parties’ safe houses, knowing that they have the protective shield of a “shadow upper echelon” akin to the one President Eisenhower warned us about in his 1961Farewell Address, where the conclusion can be drawn that political and corporate interests have become alarmingly entangled in the business of war and imperial overstretch. (Go to your local library and check out Eugene Jarecki’s 99 minute 2006 DVD “Why We Fight,” to hear the President’s address and more.)

  22. Herb Souza says:

    Tommy, I’ve always believed in term limits for our politicians and the judges as well. What’s up with this life long term for judges? They should be elected too. The polticians make up rules for themselves that don’t apply to the rest of us………you know, the guys who’re paying their way. They don’t represent constituants, they represent their own agendas. Follow the money, and you’ll see where their hearts truly lie. I read somewhere that politicians are like baby diapers, they both need to be changed occasionaly and for the same reason. (they’re full of shit!). Keep blogging Tommy, and by the way, I’m ready for the Red Dawn!

  23. Jim Critchley says:


    I agree with you 100% on the political views and cigars!!!

    I dare say (dare, dare) that with we as a people do not change things via the ballot box next year we are f@cked!!!

    I encourage all that are reading this is to prepare and be self reliant. You must prepare yourself for emergencies. Whether you loose your job, deal with a natural disaster (floods in NJ, snow storm in October in NJ), total national/international economic collapsed (Greece, Italy), or have to help extended family. Don’t be a victim here, be the prepared one.

    Thanks Tommy, you da MAN !!!

  24. biglou62 says:

    Hey Tommy “you already know that i have a lot of the same ideas about politics in general and Big Brother. With that i went to the Big Apple last weekend and while i was there i spoke with a bunch of smokers who are really pissed off about the smoking laws in NYC. As i walked around little Italy and other spots smoking my cigars, i had to put up with some pansies waving their hands at me as if to clear the smoke. The people who live there were telling these snotty ass blowhards to F#$%K off. It made my day and helped me to keep the faith.

  25. Tom Megalis says:

    Yo Z–some good thoughts brother. And the big one we must PROTECT OUR RIGHT TO SMOKE CIGARS!
    Keep the good words flowing!


  26. JM says:

    Z – Right on target. Term limits for all! Cut the pensions and after service bene’s. Most of al we all need to stay informed speak up and VOTE!

  27. Bubzilla says:

    Good article TZ jr. I agree with my old pal Jim Critchley’s comment about the ballot box. If we don’t send some people to DC with common sense next year, things are going to get ugly–real fast.

  28. Don D says:

    Way to go Tommy, great piece. We need more real guys like Chris Christie, he’s not afraid to shout you down, tell you your an idiot. He loves scotch and I sure he would enjoy a good cigar. Keep up the good work Tommy.

  29. Al Lebo says:

    All true, Mr. Z. As James Paterson wisely said “When you can’t spot the pigeon in the poker game, you have to realize that it’s you.” And when it comes to these elitist weasels WE are their pigeons. We can gain back control by first rejecting every lie printed in the msm and shown on the alphabet soup TV “news” networks about the candidates who are not part of the old boy network. Stop buying their newspapers and boycott the products that sponsor Diane Sawyer and all the rest. Then start moving our earnings more and more underground so that the tax base drops and they have less to steal. Finally as the coup de crap, I propose that we band together as one, from the heavies in the hood to the ranchers, cowboys and farmers, call out a people’s convention and pound out a manifesto for real change. For my money it would be a fair tax, overhaul entitlements, tort reform and mandatory prison terms with no parole for any elected official who betrays the public trust. That’s just a few things I would like to see. Then we endorse candidates who support us and work for them in the next election cycle. Less jaw music and more action.

  30. Kent Heimbigner says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think you are painting politicians with a kind of broad brush . . . but in general, I agree. I think term-limiting the President but not the congress has created something of an imbalance of power. I’ve never heard anyone else suggest this, but I’d propose “12 years for everybody.” A President can serve three terms, a 2 year congressman can serve six, a 6 year senator can serve two . . . you get the idea. All offices . . . 12 years max.

    I am certainly tentative in my current choice, but I think I’m supporting Ron Paul at this point. The current administration has done more than anything else ever could have to convince me of the truth of Reagan’s dictum, “the government that governs best is the one that governs least.”

    And this is where I want to be a little careful about your “rant.” The only way we get that kind of government is to vote for people who will stick to their guns and deliver it once they get inside the beltway. So anyone who is willing to serve as a politician and who will actually do that (i.e., reduce the size of government) needs our support, not our contempt.

    Deo Vindice.

    • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

      Kent… broad brush, yes, but if you read the comments here, almost all agree that no matter what party takes office, it’s the same old, same old.

      NOW… If you’re saying we need a NEW breed… then yeah, I’m all for not having the old guard politico deadwood.

    • Kent sort of agree. I say that all offices should be 2 terms of 6 years and than you go to the Waiver Wire. You have to ride the bench for 2 years and then they can come back. That way they want be running for office while in office. We might get 4 years of actual productivity out of them.

      Now the dream is that we can have some that judges their productivity and they get their compensation / pension based on that factor. Doubt it happens but would be a dream. Hell that is what happens in my job. I don’t perform, I get fired!

      As for pension, a few things – Congressmen don’t get pension after one term. They, unlike cabinet members and the President, fall under the same rule as all other government employees. With that said, they do get all PAC money, even if they don’t get elected. Imagine having a 10s of millions. Why do you think Palin kept saying she was running – she did not even qualify for SuperPac. Herein is the tip of the iceberg, Do you know that in June 2011 – Colbert …yes Colbert was approved for SuperPAC Money. CMON ….I say we make a Political Party and ZMAN is our candidate. Got to be better than the book tour club running for President (Bachman, Perry, Cain, Gingrich) vs No-Cojones and Introvert Obama. At least with ZMAN, I know I going to eat, drink and smoke a good stogie!

  31. Ben says:

    If NOTHING changes – NOTHING changes ! !
    We need more people willing to just say NO.
    The folks at Occupy tried saying NO and were met by cops in riot geat with Pepper spray and batons – Are we headed for a police state ?
    BTW – I checked – there are no more AK-47′s available on e-bay.
    Thanks for the RANT – maybe if enough people read that they are not the only ones who feel the way they feel things will change. Change is always painful – BUT misery is optional.

  32. Bryan Finn says:

    Hell yes it’s B.S. Keep them to term limits of 2 perhaps 3 tops. It’s also ridiculous that they get upgraded health care, pay beans for it, and get it for life for themselves and family. Try paying what the average person/family does, get on board with the same health plan that we have, and see how they like it ! The backroom handshakes, lobbyists tossing money to these guys is outright corrupt. Vote out the dinosaurs and get some new blood in there. Remember, its “WE THE PEOPLE”…..these politicians work for us !

  33. TOm P says:

    Excellent points Tommy. Term limits are the way to go, and no more lifetime benefits for them and their families. My dad used to always say that if they want to serve the people, put them in a barracks like soldiers THEY send to war. If it’s good enough for the soldiers protecting “the people” it should be good enough for some fat-assed politician. I know I can’t raise MY debt ceiling, so why should they??? I have to pay my bills. I can’t go to the trough and pilfer millions of dollars and then just not pay it back, if I did…Levinworth here I come. It’s a sad state of affirs that the rest of the world is laughing at us and buying the country at discounted rates. Whatever happened to “But American”??? I may own a Hinda, but it was made here, sold here and the majotiryof the money stayed here. I try to shop American as often as I can, but somketimes there are items you can’t buy that are made here. Try getting a tv, cell phone, etc that wasn’t at least parially assembled or bought from China. And yes, STAY THE F*&K out of my humidor. I find it really dicked off that Kennedy sent his people to buy him about a thousand cigars in Cuba, THEN enacted the embargo.

  34. sal cilmi says:

    tommy my opinion is its awesome its nothing but the truth i love it keep it up telling it like it is from me you got a perfect 10 100percent u the man

  35. Steve Binger Bingham says:

    Honestly Z man i don’t think any of these politicians have any fucking clue on what they are doing. Lets be honest they all make the same exact promises and not one of them has or ever will deliver on what they say. Every year they talk bout helpin the middle and lower class people when in all honesty all they are doing is lining there own pockets on the taxes of the people who can bare afford them while the rich and famous basically get to make up their own rules for living in this country and it fuckin pisses me off. Here I am bustin my ass day in and day out an for what? To live paycheck to paycheck! Hell i haven’t even had health coverage since i was 20 cause with the cost of living, bills and everything else i can’t afford it. If congress honestly wants to help those who need it put a middle class person in office who knows what its like to try to live from week to week! Thanks for lettin me rant

  36. Bob Scott says:

    Great rant, Zman! Term limits and an end to all the benefits they receive!

  37. Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

    Seems these bastards fight to disallow term limits and we’ve gotta fight to have them as being mandatory.

  38. SteveE says:

    Right as usual, ZMan. Have you ever read Atlas Shrugged? Scary how parallel our society as a whole is following the patterns Rand described. An old Libertarian I once worked with said the best possible situation in Washington was gridlock because it kept from gaining more control over our lives. The best comment of the lot here, though is the one recommending being self reliant. If the country would start figuring out how to stand on their own feet and stop sucking from the DC teat, perhaps it would take away at least a little of those vampires hands.

    Smoke em while you can!

  39. Steven says:

    Where’s Jimmy Stewart when we need him?

  40. Teddy S. says:

    Great rant Zman, and nice vid. Couldn’t agree more with your points. D.C. is jacked and needs a major overhaul. But please, no more legislation and no more regulation. We have more than enough already. We don’t need the politicians to give us permission to remove them from office. We already have the power. Term limits already exist in the form of our votes. Instead of one more piece of legislation or another regulation, we need bigger nads. We all know what’s right and what’s best for our country, and we all know what to do. We need to become vocal, each within our own circle, and the word will spread. Not one incumbent deserves to stick around. Not one. And if we don’t have the nads to stand up for this, to make sure it’s understood and to get it done, then shame on us and we deserve what we get. That’s the beauty of our country, the power lies within each and every one of us.

    Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!!

    Teddy S.

  41. Dan B says:

    You said it ZMAN…Enough is enough. The politicians have again and again showed us that they can not or will not fix the broken system…because they are the broken system. The people now need to stand up and be heard. NOT democrats or republicans or whatever…BUT AS AMERICANS….. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
    We will all be out of jobs soon if we dont change things. I say everyone in office now GET OUT… WE NEED A DO OVER AMERICA.
    Americans made this country by working hard, not hardly working. What happened??? OH Unions…That for another day.

  42. Phil Coffman says:

    I can’t add anything to your rant. Although I’d love to.

  43. mark hinsley says:

    Z-man…. spot on! For them to be of the people, they have to follow the same rules. And it is in their best interest NOT to do just that. As long as the sheeple continue to vote for their special interest, instead of that of the country, we are FUBAR…. Secure the borders, print everything legal in ONE language (as opposed to 19+ on ballots in major metro areas), term limits and STATES rights. And leave MY individual rights alone!! Time for a Continental Congress of the people before there is bloodshed…

  44. BobC says:

    You really can’t figure out why somebody would want to be a lifelong politician? No guns, no masks, very rarely any jail time….and you can’t figure it out?

  45. Mike says:

    It’s easy to figure why politicians want to stay for life!! They are working for the lobbists, not the American people, and the SOB’s are getting rich for voting to support them and their interests, not to mention the “Insider Trading” their doing…..Look at that “Moon Bat” Nancy Pelosi,,,she went in to office worth $2 million and now she’s got $80 million…think she got that from her salary????? I support term limits, two… in office and one in jail!!!

  46. Eric says:

    If you had posed this question to me 20 years ago, I would have violently disagreed with you. Perhaps it was naivete or youth, but I truly felt then that our career politicians had the best interests of our states and country in their minds and the legislation that they passed. While I never thought for one minute that they did not have their own agendas, I always thought they could work together on the bigger things. As much as this is going to make me vomit in my mouth, I would love to see a new breed of true careerists like Kennedy, Dole, Johnson, Thurmond, Stennis and the like. Hell, with all his faults, George Wallace did more for all of the citizens of the State of Alabama than anyone ever will. All that being said, that type of politician does not exist anymore. If they do, they are drowned out by the bullshiters we have in today that end up in front of the cameras, All that being said, YES….Term Limits…..All for them here. However, I have a feeling that the same argument will be made that was made when my union local tried to vote them in. Our International President said that “term limits were unnecessary because the membership already had them in place by way of election.” That was the end of that. I do understand the concept, but with the mind control of the voters now by all sorts of various sources, it just is not realistic.

    My biggest question is where are the moderates these days?
    Sorry for the little ramble there………Guess I need to have a belt of booze before supper.

  47. Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

    Now THAT was excellent!

  48. Gameo says:

    ……And these slackers are the biggest recipients of welfare and government subsidies!