Politically Correct Do-Gooders: Stay the F@#& Away From My Cartoons

When I was growing up I seriously loved my cartoons – Bugs, Daffy, Tweetie, Tom & Jerry, Woody, Popeye, and the Roadrunner. Little did I realize, that great stuff was from the 1940’s and  50’s but who really cared, it was on Saturday mornings and I didn’t go out until they were done airing at around noon. My brother and I would pour ourselves a big ol’ bowl of Frosted Flakes (which were known as ‘Sugar’ Frosted Flakes back then), turn on one of three network channels and laugh like a couple of giddy little bastids until our mom made us go outside and play. I know I’m dating myself like a son of a bitch, but does anybody remember Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo, Sherman and Mr. Peabody? Now THAT was entertainment – before computers, the internet, video games, or cable and satellite television – and most importantly, long before political correctness.

In any of these animated classics, you could guarantee that sometime within the next five minutes, some person or talking animal was going to completely get his ass handed to him. Anvils fell from the sky, trains thundered through living rooms, dynamite blew shit up, dudes fell from twenty story buildings and walked away, and shotgun blasts to the face caused heavy gunpowder burns that washed right off. Popeye and Bluto unmercifully beat the snot out of one another, the Coyote was maimed on a regular basis, and instead of that delicious mouse dinner he dreamed of, Tom the cat was sure to receive a sledgehammer to the back of his feline skull. And, if you remember, many a cartoon character smoked a big, fat cigar. (Did I forget to mention there was a fat stuttering pig?)

Afterwards, we’d go out and play football or street hockey, tag, hide and go seek, and we only came in for lunch and dinner. We rode our bikes with no helmets what seemed like miles away to another kid’s house, there were no cell phones to call our moms, and the thought of a child predator lurking about was the absolute furthest thing from a parent’s mind.

Damn, those are great memories and I really dug my early childhood. And you know what? Those cartoons subjected me to more brutality and physical violence than most Sopranos episodes (although I do admit it would have been pretty sweet to see Yosemite Sam receive a good old fashioned, Jersey-style shine-boxing.) But I can say with total honesty that watching these toons never made me think about hurting other children, or causing vile mischief. I never wanted to stick explosives in someone’s pants, run them over with a bus, or bash their head in with a wooden club. (And I haven’t even mentioned the Three Stooges.) And yet, I grew up to be a responsible adult, with a wife, two great kids, and a nice home.

This just in from the true and incredibly disturbing department… there is a group in England that is responsible for censoring all the cartoon classics, removing all violent scenes and any characters who smoke, gamble, or drink alcohol. Absurd you say? Rumor has it that there is a kid’s consumer watchdog group lobbying to do the same here in America. (Me thinks “kid’s consumer watchdog group” is just another term for “uptight, politically correct assholes.”)

Here’s what is simply amazing, my friends – when I was a young child there were no politically correct do-gooders saving me from myself, but yet I turned out all right. There was no one rating kids shows to make sure that there’s one white kid, one black, one Asian, and one Hispanic in every episode. And cartoons weren’t on from morning ‘til night with their own dedicated channels – completely desensitizing today’s kids into thinking that Sponge Bob Ass-Pants, That’s So Fatso Raven and all the other P.C. Disney and Nickelodeon dreck is the only type of programming that exists.

Let me say it one more time, people – I turned out all right. Thank you mom and dad for raising me correctly – but with all the violent programming and un-supervision – I turned out just fine. (I know some of you may be debating that very thought, but I like to amuse myself, so just keep it to yourself, thanks.)

Okay, so maybe I have a few vices, smoke a cigar (or ten), yeah, I admit it – but I’m a good husband, great dad, and loving son, and the cartoons of my youth didn’t see me strapping myself to an Acme rocket, or turning me into some shotgun toting, mallet wielding, dynamite igniting Looney Tune. There comes a time in your childhood when you realize what’s real and what’s not, and I didn’t need some politically correct ass-wipe to play God, determining what was good for me and what wasn’t. Even as we speak there’s a group of these hypochondriacs putting together a 250 million-dollar class action suit against Warner Brothers for exposing them to a lifetime of second-hand cartoon smoke.

Dag nabbit… where’s one of them goddamned screwy anvils when you really need one?

That’s All Folks,



Your Social Cromag in Good Standing

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50 Responses to Politically Correct Do-Gooders: Stay the F@#& Away From My Cartoons

  1. Hoff says:

    you aint kidding i watched the same stuff now granted i am a shotgun toting,cigar smoking guy but those are allowed,so far.like you my mom sent me out and said “make sure your back when the street lights come on” we also played football baseball,red rover,manhunt ghost in the graveyard we went to the pool , the beach and the lake to swim. my grandfather threw me in the ocean and said “swim” ahh the old timers were tough but guess what i learned to swim . a few bumps and bruises the ocassional scar but hell we had fun kids today are a bunch of whiny sissys thanks to over protective parents.I swear i think if they could they’d wrap the kids in bubble wrap ,plant a tracking device in them before letting them out of the house

  2. Steve Binger Bingham says:

    fuck them! Even as a kid i knew never to attempt anything that the cartoons did, its not our fault that the kids of this generation are total morons. I blame shows like the Teletubbies, Barney, Dora and shit like that for making kids into pussies!

  3. Jeff Sandlin says:

    I say Bull S— to all of the Political Correctness I have said that for years.
    The Cartoons of way back when were and are a lot better than the junk they show today and it is a lot better than all of these so called Reality Shows.

  4. Kent Heimbigner says:

    You know, Tommy, being a priest, I get to see something of how people are. One thing I’ve noticed . . . sadly, in myself as well as in these knuckleheads from England, is that people can get all kinds of fired up about stopping an “evil” that doesn’t affect them! So, the teetotaler goes after drinkers, the non-smoker goes after cigars, the economy car people go after SUV drivers . . . it just goes on and on. One way of saying “I’m a great guy” to the world is to gripe about people whose faults I don’t share. It makes me look faultless.

    The truth is, I have my faults. So do those folks over in England. Today is Ash Wednesday, and I’m a priest, so put up with this much preachiness: “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck out of your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (Jesus, Matthew 7:3-5).

    I just wish they’d clean up their own messes before they tried to fix my childhood cartoons for me. But don’t count on it. That’s how they make themselves feel all virtuous.

    • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

      SERIOUSLY excellent post, Kent!

    • W. Todd Keller UE says:

      Thanks for that, Kent! There is a passive-agressive self-righteousness to these “Anti-ists” and their hypocrisy. Why can’t they be “for” things rather than “against” things? Don’t be Anti-smoking…be Pro-non smoking…sounds easy enough, right?! Unfortunately, this would deny the “Anti’s” the opportunity to enforce their opinions on huddled, ignorant masses. With the advent of the “Anti’s” increasing numbers there are more of them around to Parrot the sentiment of the one and when they hear more echos back it reaffirms their misguided belief that the opinion they Parrot is the “new normal” and they are therefore the majority and “right”. They’ve given up on thinking for themselves and have turned that over to the Orwellian “Big Brother.” The irony, at least here in Canada, is that the Anti-Bullying proponents (primarily school teachers) are DOING THE BULLYING when they try to force us to conform to their agenda for no other reason than it’s THEIR agenda! If you haven’t read Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and/or “1984″ then read them! …or at least Wikipedia them for a refresher! The enemy is here, now! The “Anti’s” have to be stopped! I’m taking a strong Pro-Freedom of Speech position to combat them! …odd. My political views are slightly right of Vlad the Impaler but It seems like only yesterday that left wing, civil libertarians screamed for this.

  5. Wally Ward says:

    I have to say that PC is killing the humor and fiber of this nation. You can’t laugh at anything anymore. I gre up watching those cartoons and reading the strips hell even the Three stooges. I knew you really could not hit people with a hammer. It was just funny. I am sick and tired of what made my youth funny being dragged in the mud by joyless balless jerks who have no sense of humor. If we can’t laugh what are we going to do…be European…Screw that..I am an AMERICAN,
    Does anyone remember Crusader Rabbit…That would get the muslim brotherhood to blow up our TV stations now. Saaturdy cartoons were the best. Cigar chomping mob dudes on bugs bunny. I loved all of it.


  6. Dan C says:

    Unfortunately, too many people get a charge out of being able to tell other people how to live their lives.
    They are forgetting that they are weilding a two edged sword. They are too ignorant, and I mean fully matured ignorance, to see how that sword is going to lop off so many of their freedoms. Anybody supporting the theft of ourfreedoms need some serious medication. Oh wait, Kevorkian died, didn’t he?

  7. Dana MacDonald says:

    I grew up on these cartoons as well, what a load o crap! My kids also have enjoyed the same cartoons. We quote many of the lines from these fine toons to each other!
    ENGLAND. Censorship, Hmmmmmmmm, You cant own much of a fire arm, or ammo. The police can come in your house at any time? Obviously they dont remember the air raid sirens caused tyrants who did much the same years ago.

    Effing Sad

  8. Herb Souza says:

    How can they legally do that? Aren’t films, etc. protected under patent rights or some sort of proprietary laws? It’s a sure sign of the New World Order heading for us. Guvmint is working on controlling our entire lives, telling us what we can eat, you can’t speak your mind lest you offend someone’s tender feelings. Hell, they don’t even keep score in kid’s games, so they feel good about themselves and they all get trophies. What the hell is this world coming to? They’re trying to disarm citizens with frivolous laws, yet they won’t protect our borders. They’re stepping all over the Constitution and our rights. Sheeple better start waking up or we are surely doomed.

  9. mamma (sheri) says:

    Z….a very well scripted rant.. it brought back many memories from days gone by. like the others, i watched cartoons on a Saturday morning..laying on the floor of the living room without a care in the world. Mighty Mouse was my favorite. i wanted to be saved from the precipice of death by him or perhaps Dudley Dooright.

    there were many, many more violent cartoons and shows that evolved in the 80′s and 90′s….and i never worried about my kids wielding a sword in the sandbox. it was all just entertainment., not reality…..and we all knew the difference.

    these folks need to find a ’cause’ more relevant to the ills of the masses….and leave childrens programming be. or perhaps find a real job.

    as always, a good read…Z! :-)

  10. RH#1 says:

    It will be a very sad day when this happens in America. Our airwaves are littered with murder detective shows & sexy-themed reality shows, but these “watchdog” groups want to attack our cartoons?!?! I am against censorship & the whole political correctness movement, but I can think of many other things on TV that may need to be “cleaned up”. We’re talking about cartoons, people! Have a laugh.

  11. Darren_in_Detroit says:

    Try finding a Speedy Gonzales (the original) Looney Tunes cartoon. Most have been pulled because of “stereotyping”. Bullsh*t.

  12. Danny Duncan says:

    Tommy my friend,your one helluva writer.I watched those same shows and did most of the same things you did when I was growing up.I would like to think I turned out pretty good as well.With all the really important things going on in this world of ours now you would think these groups could come up with a real cause to put their energy and money behind.It’s total bullshit just like trying to take away our cigars.It’s a nice day outside so I think I will lite up one of those nasty stogies go outside and try to keep from running someone over or dropping an anvil on their head.If i see a roadrunner I may have to give chase,I always thought I could catch him………

  13. aqualung85 says:

    spot on Tommy, to think you turned out all right and you even went to a Catholic school for 3 years, haha had to throw that in there…Anyway this political correctness crap has been going on for much to long its sickening, there are even bigger worries with the muslims over in Europe, seriously that crap works its way over here look out….I got my guns and ammo>>>>>>>>>

  14. Perry says:

    Really? The country that gave us Monty Python, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols and “Absolutely Fabulous” are concerned about cartoon characters smoking or “violence”???? How’s about this…the fact that “Not So Great As It Used To Be” Britain is one of the greatest contradictions in terms. Order is Disorder, Disorder is Order. Traditions are Loved but Traditions are Hated. The Government is too Controlling but the Government has to be in Control. Society has Rules but Society is Secular so there are no absolutes (whatever passes for the Judeao-Christian tradition in England has long lost any effect on society there). This may seem a small issue to some but it is what gives me great pause when ANYONE in government begins to talk about doing things in the way of European Union nations. George Orwell’s book was much afeared in the US but it seems to have come more to reality in Western Europe.

  15. Boomer says:

    I call them the Do-Gooders. And look out for them, they’re dangerous. They’re just a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites. First it was alcohol, then tobacco. Then came the helmet and seat belt laws. Now it’s sugar and salt. And, if ya notice, it always comes with a heavy dose of fines and taxes. And, in the end, that’s what it-s all about- money. Do what I say, because, dang, I’m just smarter than you are.

  16. Being in animation once upon a time, i appreciate your love of the classics.
    and still today at 54 years young i love cartoons , like a fine cigar to be enjoyed slowly.
    but the tex avery days are long gone.
    so i raise a glass of rye to you, for bringing a tear to my eye.
    now back to boomerang for a fix of hanna and barbera

  17. dan says:

    i love cartoons im 45 nothing like nice hand made cigar and cartoons

  18. lou bello says:

    Well tommy i swear we grew up in the same neighborhood . Me and Deputy Dog and his side kick Musky were rootin tootin shootin every week in the back yard and i dont think im a serial killer because of it. The world is F****d and all we can do is keep fightin the good fight and hope all the weenies fall down in the schoolyard and skin their knees. Nice to hear from you my friend. Big Lou

  19. Bob Cheppo says:

    I don’t know, I don’t understand the word anymore. Look at what the world was like when we grew up. I was a child of the ’60s. I did all those things, we all did, and we all turned out pretty good. And now, the people that have made the mess want to tell us how to fix. The mind that created the probem can not fix the problem – Albert Einstein.
    And what the good Father said.

  20. sal cilmi says:

    i love it i just read it brought memories i used to stahome and watch all the shit too sea hunt leace it to beaver but all those cartoons were a must and u cant leave out howdy doody show i would not eat till that was over your sight gets 1000 percent from me bro keep it coming thanks for the memories sal

  21. Brian Wolfinger says:

    I say f**k them all Z-Man. You keep doing what you do best. It is amazing the difference in America since my childhood.

  22. Great post Z to highlight just how far the do-gooders of this planet will go to get their agenda across. Like all you cats, I grew up on those “violence” filled toons and have no ill effects from it.

    Years ago we laughed when they wanted to control and eventually abolish tobacco use. We said there is no way they could regulate trans-fats and control what we eat. We sat back and said there is no way they can edit our favorite childhood memories (they already took the guns out the movie when they remade E.T.) . This means we all need to wake up and realize that “they” are accomplishing these things because WE allow it to happen while standing on the sideline figuring it can’t be done. It’s time to say No more! Put me in coach because I’m fighting and will keep on fighting those PC bastids!

  23. Bill Bennett says:

    Don’t forget to mention one of my favorites, Foghorn Leghorn. I don’t know Z, I think these people got nothin better to do than drum up some kind agenda to start in on. Maybe if they would actually go out and do something worthwhile, they wouldn’t have time to pick on something as simple as a classic cartoon.
    I agree, I loved to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Afterwards, outside to play with my friends. Not once did I watch one of these cartons and then go beat the shit out of my neighbor or try and kill his cat. What is wrong with these people?

  24. Jim Critchley says:

    I used to watch those cartoons too and never in my mind would I do any of those things. I knew, even as a child, that was make believe, and to do that in real life someone would get hurt or die.

    What we have is parents who still want to be children and not grow up and raise their own children. They want someone else or the government to do it so they can party and play video games. We have a generation of “Peter Pans” instead of men and fathers; and party girls instead of mothers.

    My parents (and yours too Tommy), took on the responsibility of parenthood, and you too are taking on that roll of a loving father and husband.

    This may be harsh but I know why this is happening, it is our fault. We have too long let the this type of nonsense continue. Like the saying my parent’s told me while growing up, “You give them an inch, they’ll take a mile”. The “them” is anyone or anything that would take away your rights and liberties. It is our fault to allow this crap to continue and fester. It is up to us to stop this. We can do it in the voting booth, in peaceful and legal demonstrations (not that “Occupied” crap!). If not now when? It maybe already too late.

  25. David Schwartz says:

    I grew up watching all those great cartoons not to mention the Three Stooges on a daily basis. To this day I have never tried to run a saw over someone’s head. Are these pc do gooders saying that today’s kids are truly stupid that they would think what they see in cartoons is reality. The truly stupid people are those that want to police the world for everybody.

  26. brett grossmann says:

    When we watched cartoons they were on one day a week….for one hour. The aforementioned cartoons were not made for TV, but were meant to be run at Theaters for adults. I don’t see how you can compare the two. It is apples and oranges.
    So we have animation meant for different audiences and different showcase. You can’t compare them.
    How does agenda and politics even enter into this conversation?I’ll bite…… If at the heart of all this we blame parents. What vote will change this? What laws will effect the social dynamic of the current family model?

    • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

      Two points Brett…

      1. Are you okay with censorship, because I’m not.

      2. I turned out just fine after watching YEARS of Lonney Tunes… how about you?

      This “IS” an blatant act of political correctness in its highest form… people attempting to save us from ourselves. Now where’s my fucking cigar and single malt?…

      • Ray Lefto says:

        Agreed Tommy. Time for old Brett to get a life with some humor in it! I grew up on every type of cartoon available. Watched them in the theaters. On a round screen Tv, black and white then color, vhs tape, dvd and now streaming on my tv and computer. Infact cartoons have kept me sane all these years. I think Loony Toons daily and even apply them to my life. At an early age I watched the Roadrunner run fast, figured I could. Walla! Became a track and hockey star in highschool. Watched the Cyote fall from cliffs with and without a parachute and sometimes with a umbrella. I wanted to do that. Walla! Went in the service and was trained to jump from planes. I also learned about hunting season from Elmer Fudd, what to shoot and how to shoot. I also found I enjoyed opera from Bugs Bunny, how to wire a piano with dynamite from Sam. I also learned to check my cigars. You would never know who would slip you an exploding cigar. I learned to be very careful!

        Overall a majority of my education has come from cartoons. Cartoons have taught me so much. I have passed this education onto my children and we still watch the old toons. The education continues. Someday my grandchildren will have this top quality education.

        So in closing, the liberal solialist commie pc bastids can bite me!

    • Andrew L. says:

      Well Brett, in my house we were not limited to just a single hour of cartoons on Saturday mornings. If memory serves me, they were on pretty much from 7am until noon. In addition to the horrific violence of Looney Toons we were unnecessarily subjected to the blatant racism of “The Little Rascals” AND the abject violence and racism of “The Three Stooges”. Then on Sundays, we were exposed to such terrible influences as “The Bowery Boys”, Abbott & Costello, Charley Chan & Sherlock Holmes…how we all didn’t go to school on Monday and ax murder our classmates is beyond me. We were always hitting each other in the head with sledge hammers, prying our fellow classmates noses with crowbars, and putting their heads in the mimeograph machine.

      Brett, Political Correctness has a much deeper and yes political agenda. When did we loose our sense of humor? When did we forget how to laugh at ourselves? My, my, my, just look how far we have “progressed”…

    • W. Todd Keller UE says:

      Quote: “…If at the heart of all this we blame parents. What vote will change this? What laws will effect the social dynamic of the current family model?” ~ Brett Grossman

      What… *blink*blink* …bunny hole did I just fall down?!

      It sounds like you are pro Social Engineering, Brett.

      My ancestors have been in North America since 1635 when the first landed in New Amsterdam (now New York). They have fought and died in every major conflict protecting freedom and democracy on these shores, FREEDOM, being the operative word here Brett. The freedom for me and my family line to live as we wish to live by choice…not some damn engineered culture! It begs the question, “Engineered to who’s specifications?!” My G,G,G,G,G,G,G,G,G,G,G, Grandfather, Aert Williamson van Barnveldt, would have blown your head off with his musket for “handing him a blueprint” of how he and his family were supposed to live!

      Our family motto (the motto of many Dutch families of the time) is inscribed on, and taken from, the silver bell hanging in the steeple on top of the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, NY, that states, IN LATIN, “If God be for us, who be against us?”

      …Who?! The self-righteous people that perceive to tell my family how to live. What gives them the right to judge my family? Will there be a vote on how my family is to live? Are they going to enforce that now?! Impose a socially dynamic, current family model on my family and you better bring a gun.

      When IT said, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” I had no idea the “meek” were extreme right wing, non-religious agenda, conservatives! Bolchevism pro’ly sounded like a good idea at the time too! When you are dealing with a Canadian that has stopped apologizing for not seeing the other (right or wrong/good or bad) point of view, you know you are in for on hell of a fight.

      • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

        Good God, do NOT mess with an angry Canuck, my friends! Come on, Todd, quit making so much fucking sense, will ya?

    • The Don says:

      I am sure Brett was okay with Davey & Goliath. I owe my great sense of humor to the cartoons of old. Who can forget Frogy from Couragous Cat with a cigar in his mouth (“See aye”} I suppose kids wnet out and droped anvils on their buddies cause Coyote did it. Let’s get over the PC bullshit. We should all treasure our youth.

  27. sal cilmi says:

    this brett guy talk 100 dollar words and is boring no he sucks he is to correct to me he is a self righteous pig tommy now i gotta get my j d and my partagas mauro fuck these intellectua; scumbags

  28. Danny Duncan says:

    Who cares where they were meant to run.I’m with Tommy on this one,it is another form of censorship.I watched these every Saturday morning and I think I turned out pretty danm good as well.Sounds like your running for office,just relax and enjoy a great cigar and a drink or two.Going to lite one up now and break out my Looney Tunes dvds!!!!!!!!!

  29. W. Todd Keller UE says:

    Political Correctness is New Speak

  30. joel says:

    “How does agenda and politics even enter into this conversation?I’ll bite…… If at the heart of all this we blame parents. What vote will change this? What laws will effect the social dynamic of the current family model?” Brett G.okay ill give it a go politics enters when people form little groups and complain to elected officials about things that they dont aprove of such as these cartoons.in an attempt to pander to these voters the do gooder nanny state politicians pass a law curtailing yet another little chunk of free speech.I for one am an adult and can make my own decisions be they good or bad i dont need goverment acting as my mother to tell what i can watch what i can eat what i can drink what i can smoke and it goes on and on,ya see changes doesnt happen fast it creeps up on ya little bits at a time a law here a fine there next thing ya know ya cant watch a cartoon while enjoyin a bag of salty snacks and having a smoke because somebody complained and others didnt stand up to the bullys.maybe your okay with people dicating how you should live your life but i and as you can see many others dont..now as for the laws effecting the social dynamic of the family model i have no idea what youreven talking about how does a familys dynamic matter when it comes to cartoons?aside from allowing your kids to watch or not watch?

    • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

      Joel, why are you making so much sense? Stop it man, you’re scaring the people who want to save us from ourselves!

  31. I think the vast majority of semi-intelligent people here do believe it IS up to parents to regulate what their precious children do. My folks allowed me to wallow away countless hours in front of the television but made sure I knew the difference between make-believe and reality. I was brought up to be a good and honest person because THEY did their job even in the face of all these supposed negative influences I was subjected to. The issue at hand is the select few that don’t want to be responsible for the actions and beliefs of the kids they raise. In their world they simply want big government to handle those duties and remove anything that they feel may influence the behavior of their child. Eliminating such things as smoking from cartoons and comics is only one example of what they think will help will make their child turn out perfect with as little to no actual intervention from the parent.

    The vote that will change this, is one that will rid public office of these social do-gooders that feel like their position is to legislate every aspect of our life using the golden mantra of “anything for the children”. We need to take back control of our lives and the lives of those we brought into this world and do our freakin’ jobs which is teach them right from wrong. Stop expecting the government to do that for us and stop electing politicians that think they know what is best for me and my family.

    • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

      Good God, that was amazing, Garth… now just so you know, that’s not tears you see, the sun must have gotten in my eyes… sniff, sniff… that was so beautiful…

  32. mamma (sheri) says:

    i do think this is bein’ abit over-thunk! apples and oranges? my Mothers purple lace corset! it was childrens programming and entertainment……..ibibi…ibibii…Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… “that’s all folks”. ;-)

  33. Dana MacDonald says:

    Bret claims 1 hour of cartoons? Thats too bad. Was that censorship or parenting? Yes they were in an adult forum, SO WHAT! The cartoons have been played for kids for over 50 years. Now theyre bad? Apples and oranges? Vinegar and water!

    P S- I’ll stroke your fur backwards!

  34. Tom Martin says:

    I don’t have time to elaborate, but I grew up with the 3 Stooges. Hilarious!

  35. Perry says:

    Well, Brett (If that is indeed your real name…) let’s take an look at your statements:

    “When we watched cartoons they were on one day a week….for one hour.”

    How old are you????? I grew up in the 1960′s and there were Loony Toons, Merry Melodies, Tom and Jerry and Tex Avery (you know, Droopy and the wolf whose eyes did the “BOOOIINNNGGG” take when a good looking girl came in?) and Three Stooges came on most afternoons after school was out. The “superstations” like TBN ran them all afternoon if you were lucky enough to be in areas when cable came out. All of the local kiddie shows like Uncle Paul, The Old Rebel, etc. that came on in the morning before Captain Kangaroo ran a Loony Toons or Hanna Barbara cartoon short. Then came Saturday and among all the other cartoons that ran from morning to noon at least one network carried The Bugs Bunny Show. Which, I might add, my late father and I would watch together for the sole purpose of having Wiley E. Coyote get slammed by a ACME, Inc. anvil. Sorry if you only got one hour of cartoons in East Slobovia where you came up.

    “The aforementioned cartoons were not made for TV, but were meant to be run at Theaters for adults. I don’t see how you can compare the two. It is apples and oranges.”

    Sure, back the day they would slide Buggs and Elmer in as a short between the strippers. What? Unless you were at some guys house watching stag films almost all movies in the 30′s and 40′s had all ages of audiences and Merry Melodies and Looney Tunes were shorts between most Saturday Morning serials like The Lone Ranger, Lash Larou, Roy Rogers and the like. It’s Buggs Bunny for Pete’s sake, not Robot Chicken or El Superbeasto.

    “So we have animation meant for different audiences and different showcase. You can’t compare them.”

    Just did. Nah nah nah. See above.

    “How does agenda and politics even enter into this conversation?I’ll bite……If at the heart of all this we blame parents. What vote will change this? What laws will effect the social dynamic of the current family model?”

    Well, since politicians and bureaucrats in England and most other countries are the ones that run the department that determine what can be show or can’t be show (who owns the BBC for example?) then it automatically becomes part of agenda and politics. In the US we have the FCC and even now there are cable companies trying to say that the FCC has no jurisdiction over their content because they’re not “broadcast” anymore. Of course, with the bad movies and skin you can catch on most Cable and Sattilite movie channels (such as IFC) that’s a moot point as well. In my humble opinion, many laws and removal of laws in the US and Western Europe have wreaked havoc and are the result of what you call the “current family model” which is a horrendous nightmare. Censor Buggs Bunny but run Marilyn Manson videos? Cut out parts of simple slapstick animated comedy and allow access to video games that pride themselves in being “realistic” to the point that these kids go shoot up schools? Let me ask you: How many schools shootings had a kid yelling “BE BERRY BERRY QUIET. I’M HUNTING WABBITS!”? How many kids are killed annually by their friends dropping anvils on them? Giant sling shots? They do those all the time on YouTube now. The entire point is that trying to “protect” kids by editing out parts of a cartoon that people have watched for over 75 years while allowing all the other violence and insanity to get aired as “entertainment” and “art” is like trying to kill a gnat with a 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot. You’re just messing everything else up and will probably miss the gnat.

    • Tommy Z - Your SOCIAL CROMAG says:

      Dude, you just put about 100 rounds of ammo into his skull… and wow, it’s incredibly ugly…

      I think YOU need a blog, Perry!