CROMAG NATION™, the rEvolution of man

CROMAG NATION celebrates the hormonal gift of testosterone that our Maker has given us. We’re men’s men being who we really are without having to apologize for it.

CROMAG NATION is a movement uniting real men under a common flag, one that waves a middle finger in the face of those who wish to oppress our rights as free thinking, conscious minded adults. Together we celebrate the hormonal gift of testosterone that our Maker has bestowed upon us. We acknowledge that our DNA made us the way we are and we will not bow to the absurd notions and pressures of how the politically correct think we should act.

CROMAG NATION isn’t a physical destination, but rather an ideology that bonds men’s men, creating a camaraderie among fellow travelers, affectionately known as CROMAGS.

Who/What are CROMAGS?… We’re ‘real’ guys – men’s men being who we really are without having to apologize for it. We are not driven by what people think we are, as status is just a crutch for weak-minded posers. A CROMAG is authentic – someone who has respect for others and likes who he is. We share the love for many of the same many pleasures in life, such as libations like whisky, spirits, beer and wine, premium hand rolled cigars, beautiful women, team & individual sports, gambling & Vegas, cool cars, wicked bikes, guns & ammo, hunting & fishing, man food like steaks, ribs, pizza, burgers and all forms of barbecue, music that moves us like rock, metal, blues, & Sinatra, classic guy movies, and did I forget to mention beautiful women? Hell no.

The Driving Force… The CROMAG NATION is headed by Tommy Zman, a real guy who considers himself a throwback to a time when men were kings of the castle, and smoking a cigar in public didn’t label you an outcast and a pariah. Zman is an outspoken author, humorist & YouTube personality, Brand Ambassador & Spokesman for Famous Smoke Shop & longtime feature writer for Cigar Magazine. He’s totally old–school, a down to earth guy with traditional values – family and friends are everything, and integrity is all you really have. When it comes to p.c. obedience, political agendas, and nanny-state legislature, Tommy Z will draw his proverbial sword and swing for the fences.

Click the Link below to visit the CROMAG NATION’s Facebook community & check in daily for all the testosterone laden posts that will have you scratching, grunting & knuckle dragging in no time.


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