Tommy Zman Zarzecki set to unleash: Honey, Does This Make Me Look Fat? – Man’s Survival Guide to Co-Existing with Creatures of the Opposite Sex

The World’s 1st & Only Politically INCORRECT Relationship Book for MEN Launching This Fall

North Jersey, Aug. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - ”Tommy Z is unabashedly unafraid. Unafraid to offend you. Unafraid to use words that make you cringe. Unafraid to stand up and fight for what he believes in. Unafraid to make you uncomfortable. But mostly, he is unafraid to make you laugh. He also knows that regardless of what men have become and what women believe themselves to be, that neither of them have a clue about how to deal with each other even after thousands of years of trying. Clueless and pitiful – that’s what we are. Tommy takes on that issue and makes it hilarious.” ~ Larry Winget, Six Time New York Times & Wall St. Journal Best Selling Author, One America’s Top Speakers & The Pitbull of Personal Development®.

Coming this fall on Amazon Kindle Publishing is the arrival of a book that tackles the forever mindboggling nature of the male/female relationship like no book EVER before. Humorist, Tommy Zarzecki, (known as “the Zman” by his throng of social online followers), has been baffled throughout his adult life trying to understand what makes women tick, and better yet, how to make them happy.

“It’s an insurmountable task,” claims an assured Zman, “How can you possibly make someone happy when you have NO IDEA what they want? Men and women are wired so differently that its a miracle we even breathe the same air. Trying to figure out what a woman wants? That’s like trying to unravel a Rubik’s Cube in a freakin’ sharks cage!”

Hence, the awaited arrival of his controversial and politically incorrect Survival Guide written for real men – chock full of tactical strategies created to help you coexist with those creatures of the opposite sex – all while making you laugh hysterically along the way.

“I’ve spent three decades married to the same woman, which is indeed a miraculous accomplishment,” claims Tommy. “My goal is that this essential manly guide will help my comrades in testosterone to realize that the sexes can indeed learn to co-exist – that is, if you don’t fall for any of that unicorns and rainbows b.s. that the so-called relationship experts try to shove down our collective throats.”

Tommy Zman is the Brand Ambassador and national radio voice for the online cigar giant, where his spots are heard on Howard Stern and Mike & Mike on ESPN. He’s an editor/feature writer at Cigar Advisor Magazine. And CROMAG NATION is his Facebook community for ALL things manly. He’s been a longtime regular guest on SiriusXM, and terrestrial radio shows.

While no set launch date yet, the Amazon Kindle rendition will be followed up by an audio version and a short run of printed promotional copies for signing.

Listen to Tommy’s outrageous Audio Clip book intro >

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