Humorist, Author, Cigar Junkie Tommy Zman is LIVE on Periscope

Northern New Jersey – Many are touting Periscope as the hottest social app in the world right now and web and social media personality Tommy Zman Zarzecki (affectionately known as the Social CROMAG) has tossed his rant-filled hat into the ring and he’s making some serious noise. Acquired by Twitter earlier this year, Periscope allows you to create LIVE streaming broadcasts on your phone while viewers from across the world watch and comment to you in real-time (while having the ability to watch replays of the broadcast for only 24 hours.) Zman knew this was hot and saw it as an opportunity to showcase his personal brand to a whole new audience.

“Several friends texted me on the same day asking if I heard of the app and told me quite emphatically that it was made for me and they were so right,” said Tommy. ” People have always loved my insane and passionate ranting style on the web and Youtube, but now I’m talking to them live and the growth of my daily viewers and followers is amazing.”

A WARNING to the faint of heart – Zman’s broadcasts are anti-politically correct, unfiltered and completely uncensored. He speaks with humongous doses of passion and ‘holding back” will never be part of his repertoire. Tommy’s LIVE show airs approximately 5 nights a week around 9:30pm est for close to an hour. He also goes live several times a week from his car during his morning hour-long commute as onlooking drivers are startled by his rolling rant-fest along interstate 80.

“I rant like a loon because I’m deeply passionate about a lot of issues and it gets people fired up while yelling back at their phones,” he says. “I’m a self proclaimed defender of FREEDOM as I speak out against the dangers of political correctness and nanny-state government types who believe they know what’s better for us than we do. Don’t you dare try to take away my freedoms (cigars, whiskey, steaks, bacon and the right to bear arms among other things) because I will come out swinging and I promise you that I will not stop ’til my fists are bloodied and raw.”

Tommy Zman has built a large social following, a good 25,000 strong. He’s long known as the founder of the CROMAG NATION, the testosterone laden Facebook page dedicated to men’s men with an army of brutally loyal followers. He’s also the spokesman, brand ambassador and radio voice for, the world’s premiere online cigar superstore. Zman’s also a longtime regular guest on Sirius/XM as well as terrestrial radio & internet based shows.

DOWNLOAD the Periscope app to your smart phone and then FOLLOW TOMMY ZMAN.

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