A Personality, Spokesman & Brand

Tommy’s unique humor, passion, quick wit, on air presence, & ability to discuss an eclectic variety of subjects makes him the perfect spokesman, personality, guest or emcee. His 2 decades spent in the Advertising biz (with extensive experience in Brand building) is invaluable to anyone looking for him to promote their company or products.

Zman’s personal CROMAG NATION™ Brand comes with an army of built-in rabid followers who embrace social media & follow Tommy’s lead when he calls for action & spearheads the charge. His fans have the discretionary income to purchase & associate with products & brands that exude a passion & zeal for life.

“We’re real guys – men’s men being who we really are without having to apologize for it,” says Tommy. “My DNA made me this way & I’m not bowing to any of the absurd notions of how the politically correct think I should act.”

Several prominent companies Zman works with are the largest and most successful in their genre. He has become a powerful voice among cigar fans and industry insiders alike as the media: video & radio voice for the online retail giant, FAMOUS Smoke Shop & Editor & feature writer for Cigar Advisor Magazine. He’s also the social media voice for TeleBrands, while traveling across the U.S. as a panel judge (with company founder, AJ Khubani) for their highly acclaimed Inventor’s Days.

He’s been a popular recurring guest on Sirius XM while making regular appearances on many terrestrial & internet radio shows. And now his PERISCOPE Live streaming Broadcasts are attracting a loyal & passionate following.

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