April 9, 2012, Week 3, King of the Man Cave™

A new name has been etched into the hallowed hall of Masters Golf Champions, joining the ranks of such immortals as Hogan, Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods, and Mickelson. And while Bubba Watson was capturing his very first Major, another true champion was dominating the links in a style all of his own. Substituting a leopard skin loin cloth for the coveted Green Jacket, the Original Cromag™ is most comfortable with who he is – and he will not change for anyone or anything.

Plain and simple, folks, Tommy ZOG is the real deal – a throwback to a time when men were men, kings of the castle, and when actions spoke much louder than words.

Spend a day on the links with this unabashed baron of the birdie and you will understand the true meaning of fortitude and sportsmanship. He’s an old-school gentleman who honors the rules, but conquers by inventing a few of his own. (Just be prepared to lose a few dollars.) And while winning certainly isn’t everything, he sure as hell knows that second place means that you didn’t come in first.

So, join us here each and every Monday as the King of the Man Cave makes sure that our bravado and manhood is always up to par.

Keepin’ it real, as always,



Tommy Zman
Your Social Cromag Extraordinaire

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4 Responses to April 9, 2012, Week 3, King of the Man Cave™

  1. DenBob says:

    Zog clearly knows how to stroke his balls… and he has and enormous woodie in his hands as well. The man can swing!

  2. Bob Scott says:

    I was once told that–with the way that I golf–the most effective practice for me would be to take a large bucket of golf balls and throw them out into the woods and then spend my time searching for them…..

  3. It was awesome that Bubba won. Still not as cool as seeing Jimenez burning a stogies while warming up. Take that you F’n PC bastids!

  4. Denton G says:

    I love how they kept saying “the American Bubba…” as if there’s any other nation with that moniker? “I present to you the Duke of Earl, Sir Bubba”