About Tommy Z

Tommy Z, aka the Social CROMAG™ is truly an obsessive enjoyer of life. Growing up in the bowels of northern New Jersey, parented by an eccentric Polish father and a neurotic Italian mother, what else could this man possibly be other than a humorist?

Zman’s a “real” guy – someone who considers himself a throwback to a time when men were kings of the castle, and smoking a cigar in public didn’t label you an outcast and a pariah. He’s totally old – school, a down to earth guy with traditional values – family and friends are everything, and integrity is all you really have. When it comes to p.c. tyranny, political agendas, and nanny-state legislature, the Zman will draw his sword and swing for the fences.

The Zman’s body of work is as eclectic as it is impressive. He’s the media: video and radio voice for the online retail giant, FAMOUS Smoke Shop. He’s gathered a faithful following as Editor &  feature writer at Cigar Advisor Magazine. And his testosterone laden FaceBook community, CROMAG NATION™ is the last great bastion for Men’s Men. He’s a longtime regular guest on Sirius/XM  as well as terrestrial radio & internet based shows. And his PERISCOPE Live streaming broadcasts are making serious noise.

On the creative side, Zarzecki spent two decades as an advertising and brand exec. He ran a boutique firm just outside of Manhattan, servicing world-renowned companies like Hertz, American Express, Goodyear, Kodak, Sony, & Time Life.